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Screen-printing is a stencil printing technique by which ink is forced through a mesh screen onto a surface to create a picture
TNT-Shirts-Screen-Printing-600After years of industry experience, TNT Shirts uses reliable and proven screen-printing techniques in conjunction with modern and innovative methods. We are always looking for best way to increase production quality and lower costs.

For TNT Shirts, we view screen-printing not only as a form of art, but also as a science. We are committed to ensuring the quality delivery of unique and individual t-shirt designs to our customers.We recognize that what works for someone else may not necessarily work for you, and strive to give each customer an individual consultation to turn your t-shirt ideas into a wearable reality.

In order to achieve the unique results you are wanting, we ask that you first read how a little about how screen-printing works.

Screen-printing is a stencil printing technique by which ink is forced through a mesh screen onto a surface to create a picture. For T-shirts there is a variety of ways to accomplish this. Ensuring the right process of creation is important to providing quality customer care. Screen-printing processes vary depending on image and shirts color/order size.

Generally every t-shirt order begins with an idea. Maybe you have artwork you’ve already created; maybe you need the help of our artists to develop your idea. Depending on artwork and order size, we will help you decide which screen-printing process best fits your individual needs. The artwork will then be separated into color layers and burned onto mesh screens. Each color must have it’s own separate screen. Our expert printing staff then loads the shirts onto the printer. The ink is cured through the dryer; this basically means the Plastisol ink is melted onto the shirt. This ensures that your images will stay clear and vibrant for years to come.

Please allow for 10 working days for your order to be completed. Additional fees may apply for rush jobs. Call now for your free price quote.

Many Benefits

Works best for large orders

Cost effective

Durable graphics

Your image will last for years


Some limitations

Some methods limit colors, fabric materials

4 Color Process

This is our preferred method of printing for full color photographic-type images that feature a lot of blending and gradients on white t-shirts. 4-Color Process is screen-printing using translucent inks. This works similar to the way a regular paper printer does. Using 4 screens: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black), the ink is layered on top of one another to create the image. The mixing of these certain pigments, CYMK, in particular percentages can create a wide range of colors, leading to image depth and dimension. This process works best on white or very light color shirts. Can be accomplished on some dark shirts with a white under base, depending on artwork. CMYK color separations can be done in house.

Colors: 4 – 5
Order Minimums: 36 – 48

Simulated Process

This is our preferred method of printing for full-color photographic type images that feature a lot of blending and gradients, on dark shirts. This process uses spot inks to mimic the effect of CMYK. In contrast to CMYK, which uses translucent inks, simulated process mixes inks, wet on wet, on the t-shirt to create an image. Works best on light and dark shirts, although dark shirts require a white under-base. This process works best with 8 – 10 color images. For most artwork, colors must be professionally separated, which can add up to $200 to an order; some separations can be done in house depending on artwork. This process is most cost effective for orders over 144 because of the separation charge and screen charges.

Colors:8 – 10
Order Minimums: 144

Spot Color

This process is our preferred method of printing for artwork that features blocks of solid colors. This process differs from simulated and 4 color process, where instead of mixing inks, different color inks lay side-by-side, next to each other on the shirt. TNT Shirts does advocate the use half tones to create dynamic images. This process can be used on any shirt, and we can match any ink color. Dark shirts will need a white under base.

Every color requires its on screen. Each screen has a one time $25 set up fee.

Colors: 1 – 9
Order Minimums: Varies depending on number of colors

Discharge Printing

Differs from traditional printing methods by using water-based ink, which sinks into the fabric of the shirt instead of sitting on top, like Plastisol ink does. This leaves a soft, natural feeling to the shirt. Discharge Ink is a water-based ink that has an activator, Zinc Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate, added to it. This activator removes the manufacturer dye from the shirt, leaving a lighter, washed out white image. The discharge ink will then re-dye the shirt to the desired color.

Please browse the shirt color grading scale to see which shirt colors compliment discharge printing.

Shirt Color Grading Scale

Colors: 1 – 9
Order Minimums: Varies depending on number of colors


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