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A heat transfer, or transfer printing, is the process of applying an image to a garment using heat.
Individual Custom Heat transfers allow for the customization of the artwork design from shirt to shirt. It also allows for versatility on products that can be printed on, from T-Shirts to Koozies, to Phone Cases and coffee mugs.

This process works best with small runs, or shirts with customizable features such as names and numbers. There are a few different ways we can accomplish custom heat transfers and we ask that you read a little about each one to ensure you achieve the individual design you are seeking. In some instances we may use a combination of heat transfer methods to achieve desired results.

Custom heat transfer processes vary depending on image and shirts color/order size. Some transfer processes have limitations on fabric color/composition.

There are no order minimums for custom heat transfers. Call for a free price quote.

Vinyl Transfers

With vinyl heat transfers, we first cut the vinyl into the design, and then we apply the vinyl to the garment using a combination of high heat and high pressure. The vinyl is essentially plastisol in roll form, when high heat is applied the vinyl adheres itself on top of the shirt.

This works best for images with large blocks of colors and text. This process can be done on virtually any type of apparel and fabric, on any color, and in most colors. Unlike in screen-printing where we can match any ink color, we can only vinyl cut in colors that are made by the suppliers. We are able to get glitter and animal print vinyl as well, please browse the colors of vinyl available below.

Products: t-shirts, koozies, bags, athletic wear, hats, etc.


Sublimation is the process of applying an image to specifically coated ceramic, metal, or polyester cloth. The sublimation dye is first printed onto a bond paper; the paper is then placed on an item and heated to a high temperature. When heated to a high temperature the dye turns into a gas and perforates the pores of the polyester coated item, creating a bright, detailed item that will last for years.

This process is great for short runs with lots of color, and allows for a versatility of products that can be printed on. Sublimation can only be done on polyester fabrics (100% works the best, 65/35 works well, 50/50 is decent but desired results may vary), on white or light colors, and polyester coated products.

Products: polyester fabrics, coffee mugs, phone cases, ornaments, flags, lighters, cutting board, pencil holder, coasters, koozies, flip flops, etc.

Ink Jet

Ink jet transfers work by printing the image onto a special ink jet wax transfer paper. When high heat is applied, the wax melts, bonding the image to the t-shirt.

This process works best for transferring large square photographs onto t-shirts.

Products: light and dark apparel

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